Business Englisch tips in different situations to help you communicate effectively in the global world.

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Presentation – welcome to the stage

This week we will teach you about giving presentations and how to go about it – learn some useful vocabulary and idioms. And some interesting facts on top that might help you with your next presentation. A presentation should always be individual and tailor made – maßgeschneidert – to your audience. Are you addressing colleagues …

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Small Talk

Learn new english vocabularies and idioms about a new business related topic every week. Small Talk is crucial – ausschlaggebend – for your success in business. It is light, informal conversation and is commonly used when you are talking to someone you dont know that well. Or during networking events organised by your company. The …

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Business Englisch Verhandlungen

Business Englisch – Verhandlungen

Verhandlungen sind Alltag am Arbeitsplatz Dies beginnt bereits mit der Aushandlung des Gehalts oder eines Bonusses, der Details im Arbeitsvertrag und Fristen zur Einreichung von Dokumenten und Projekten. Es gibt Mittel und Wege, die Ihnen dabei helfen können, diese Verhandlungen für sich zu gewinnen. Zunächst sollten Sie so viele Informationen wie möglich zu Ihrem Gegenüber …

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Business Englischkurse für Messe


Starting this month, I am publishing posts on my blog to help learners of English improve their English for specific situations with my free online short courses. The idea is to run with a monthly topic which will provide our visitors with important vocabulary, phrases and even tips on cultural aspects. It is completely free …


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