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“My name is Scott Graham and I am an Entrepreneur. I am a business English Trainer and coach for international communications from London, England. I have been living and working in Germany for almost 10 years and I still love it today just like
I did when I started.“ 

After completing my studies in Business Administration Management, I founded many companies as a young entrepreneur, including cafes, small shops and startup business consultancy, legal advice, a shop for extreme sports and now a language school in Germany. In addition, I work as a consultant for international communications, as a translator and web designer.


As a communications consultant, I’ve worked with both small companies and multinational corporations.

In this role, I advise and train my clients how to communicate effectively in the business world. Be it a business meeting, a negotiation, a sales pitch, a job interview, marketing or just a casual conversation. Here in Germany, I mainly advise people on intercultural communication, how to handle business in the UK (law, finance …) and international sales.

When I moved to Leipzig ten years ago, I decided to study again and became a qualified business English trainer.

After graduation, I worked as a freelance English teacher for other language schools for two years. During this time, I learned what problems Germans can have with the English language, be it for private use or in the business world. I also used the time to learn German . When I was sure the market was good, I opened LEIPZIG ENGLISH the LANGUAGE SCHOOL, where I offer professional English lessons and courses at competitive prices, whether for individuals, medium-sized companies or multinationals. Together with my team of experienced and highly qualified native speakers, I have built up a dynamic company and work with companies like BMW, Sparkasse, Vodafone, VW and many more.

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Gustav-Mahler-Str 19a, 04109 Leipzig
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