The world is getting smaller and smaller and our businesses are becoming less local and more international. That is why we need to ask ourselves, do we have the competence to carry out a successful negotiation in English?

Coaching für Englisch Business Verhandlungen

An effective negotiation is based on 2 important factors

on one side is the language and negotiation competence and on the other, is the intercultural understanding. Only when we understand why and how the cultural background influences the style and strategy of our partner in negotiations, can we be internationally successful.

Our Coaching offers an overview

of the important English language and terminology to help you carry out a dynamic and effective negotiation and to achieve your goals. This part of the coaching will include:

Planning and preparation

Getting acquainted

Opening phase

The Main Phase

Agreement phase

Asking Questions

When things get tough

Tables, graphs and charts

contact me today to discuss the best coaching option for you to start negotiating effectively and confidently

Quite often our clients deal with one or more different countries in their business, that is why we are able to focus on individual or multiple countries such as China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, UK, USA, plus many more.

Just as important as the English, we will also look at the important cultural factors for different nationalities to ensure that you understand and use a more suitable method during the process.

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