Scott can also speak fluent German and has a lot of work and language experiences in many sectors. Due to this, he is able to offer a professional and dynamic translation service from German to English.

Of course, an advantage of having Scott translate your German texts and documents into English is that he is a native English speaker with a good understanding of German

on top of this, he is also a linguist and writer who can ensure that your texts are grammatically correct and that they have the correct tone that they need to communicate your message effectively and professionally. He does not use a translation software, which can produce an unnatural and almost robotic sound, instead he translates freely to be sure of an accurate conversion of the context which sounds like a human being.

Over the years, he has carried out technical and operational translations for many companies

as well as legal documents such as contracts and offers. Scott also offers translations to some of his partners who sometimes need help with translations of presentations, email communications, Curriculum Vitae, manuals, marketing materials plus many more.

Dokumente Übersetzer Englisch deutsch Leipzig

He is also a specialist in German to English translations for websites which focus on content which will improve your rankings on search engines such as google or Bing

Scott founded a web design and development company in 2016, Mr Graham’s Communications, which offers all website services including content management. For those that do not have time or the experience or knowledge of how these texts need to be put together, Scott is able to carry out Keyword research and put this together with your goals and expectations to create content for you from scratch and, with the help from his Native speaking partners, deliver the texts in German and English as well as any other language that you may need.

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