for business meetings

More and more companies and their employees are having to take part in meetings, face to face and online, with others in English.

The first problem most have is the confidence and the fear of making mistakes, which is the main point of this coaching.

Together we will look at important English language and skills that will prepare you for the global world of meetings so that you can feel more relaxed and in turn be more active and effective.

As well as looking at specific content that is relevant for you and your meetings including the Business specific vocabulary and terminology we will also cover the basic skills of successful business meetings.

We have broken-down our Business Meeting coaching into 4 main modules:


Most meetings have an agenda – a list of topics to be discussed in the meeting. When you decide what to talk about in the meeting, you ‘set the agenda’. The person in charge of the setting the agenda and running the meeting is the ‘chairperson. In this module we will look at understanding some of the agendas from your past meetings, as well as preparing your own agenda.

Zustimmen und widersprechen Englisch

Inevitably, people have to agree and disagree with one another during meetings. It’s important to make your position in a debate clear, while being polite to people you disagree with. But it is just as important when doing this across cultures that you are doing it sensitively and appropriately according to your partners’ culture.

Multicultural English training

In this module we will try to make sure that you do not offend any other participant during a business meeting due to lack of cultural awareness. It is really, really important to understand how things are done in different cultures and to find a middle ground that works for all.

Interruptions English meetings

Even though some will say you should never do it, it is sometimes necessary to interrupt a speaker during a business meeting. If you are to do it, then it should be done correctly and politely. We will look at some of the best ways to do this.

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