Coaching in Leipzig

The English language is an essential means of communication nowadays especially in Business. The giving of presentations is almost impossible to avoid in everyday business for many. When you put these two things together, having to do a business presentation in English, it is difficult and daunting for many people. – But it does not have to be that way.

In an English for Business Presentations coaching you will learn the necessary grammatical foundations and vocabulary you need to ensure a clear and concise flow of speech.

It will also help you improve your presentation skills. In doing so, emphasis is placed on verbal as well as on non-verbal communication, ie facial expressions, gestures, correct use of the voice, etc.

Improving your skills will increase your confidence, make a professional impression on your listeners and attract their attention. So you can convey content successfully and easily, and leave a positive memory for your audience.

Englisch Business Meetings Leipzig
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