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I am a qualified and professional native speaker with a lot of experience in creating bespoke business English courses for clients and companies of various sectors.

Business Englisch Inhouse Kurse für Firmen

For this, I use my own material, which I create especially for different industries and sectors such as medicine, finance, health and beauty, logistics, science, media sciences, marketing, engineering, IT and law. In addition, I encourage my participants to always bring along their own documents and materials to make our business English training as relevant and realistic as possible

My business English courses, coachings and trainings in Leipzig are available to you in the form of individual courses, partner courses, group courses or in-house company courses.

Before starting any course, I first determine your targets and requirements for a business English course and evaluate the language level of each participant. Based on this information, I am able to create a dynamic course plan to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

I am a professional and qualified Business English Trainer

with years of experience offering dynamic English training for companies large and small. I have a solution to offer for every requirement and level so that you and your employees can reach your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Whether you or your employees need to learn English in a 1 to 1 or in groups, on a long term basis or intensively in a Crash course or Workshop, I can create a completely tailor-made solution for your company, based on one of our following models:


My ‘IN DEPARTMENT’ Business English Training is ideal when you have 1 or more participants that work within the same department within the Business. I can focus on language, skills and Terminology that the participants need to carry out their everyday working tasks. I provide English courses for all different departments in a company such as; Accounting and finance, customer service, marketing, maintenance, Human Resources, Research & Development, Planning, Quality control & management, Production, I.T., sales and purchasing.


My private coaching option is ideal for those that need some flexibility, as you can decide how long and how often the lessons should take place. The other advantage with a Business English private Training is that you can learn something very specific for you and your job. The participant can tell me exactly what they need to achieve with their English, from this I will create a concept that concentrates on exactly what is necessary.


My iNWORK model is practical and active as I, as your Business Trainer, will accompany you at work. It could be I work with you together to translate documents, emails, memos, presentations etc. Even better is when I observe you as you take part in a conference call, meeting or negotiation, I take notes about your performance which I follow up with a constructive feedback report and highlight any areas that can be improved on. To avoid these mistakes, I can then do some practical coaching to ensure that you avoid these errors in the future.


Similar to my intensive courses I offer Business English Workshops that can achieve results quickly as they focus on a topic of your choice. It may be that the employees, in a department within your company, want to concentrate on English which is specific for them to carry out their daily tasks, or maybe you would like to focus on specific skills such as written communication or giving presentations. Whatever requirements you have I can provide you with workshops for anything from 1 to 5 days based on exactly what you and your team need.


We all like to plan and be prepared for things, but sometimes things pop up that are unexpected. For these cases I offer my Business English Intensive courses, which can quickly prepare you for a situation in which you need to improve your English. It can be anything from a full-day’s training to 1 or more weeks, depending on what you need and how long you have. The Crash course English training is available in 1 to 1s or group courses. Maybe you just want to improve your confidence by improving your fluency, or maybe you need my help to create a presentation, what ever your requirements, get in touch with me today.

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I have a broad experience teaching English in many sectors, which means I have the know-how to deliver the business communication language and terminology especially for the sector that you work in. To do this I use a mixture of resources including, where possible, documents, emails, presentations, manuals etc provided to me from your company. This allows me to keep the training focused and relevant to your daily business. Please take a look here at my sector specific Business English courses.

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