Conflict in Ukraine

The conflict in eastern Ukraine first erupted – ausbrechen – in 2014 and has now transitioned to a stalemate – der Stillstand. Tensions – die Anspannnung – are at their highest as Russian troops – die Streitkräfte – build up near the shared boarder. As well as troops Russia also stationed military equipment. Among them armor – die Rüstung / Panzerung -, missiles and other heavy weaponry – die Waffen. In December 2021 Russia demanded that the Ukraine is banned from entering the NATO. Furthermore, they want NATO troops and military equipment to be reduced. Only then would Russia withdraw – zurückziehen – their troops. However, the US and other NATO nations have rejected those demands. Instead they threatened heavy sanctions should Russia invade Ukraine. On January 31st Ukraine received the fifth US shipment of weapons supply – die Waffenlieferung.


The crisis started in 2013 when Ukrainians protested against president Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to reject – etw ablehnen – a deal with the European Union that would have led to greater economic integration. The president fled the country after the protests escalated – sich zuspitzen.

After Crimeans voted to join Russia in a referendum, Russian troops took control of Ukraine´s Crimean region. President Putin stated that this was done in order to protect Russian citizens in Crimea and southeast Ukraine. This led to armed conflicts – die bewaffnete Auseinandersetzung – between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukranian military. In July 2014 the confilict escalated further and turned into an international crisis. Although France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have been trying to broker – etw aushandeln – a cessation – die Beendigung – in violence, so far a diplomatic solution to the conflict has not been reached.

This week the US ordered family members of embassy – die Botschaft – personnel to leave Ukraine and warned its citizens not to travel to the country. On Monday this week the ambassadors – die Botschafter – of Russia and the US faced off – entgegentreten – during a UN security council meeting. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to speak with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov later this week.

Consequences of the conflict

One of the concerns is that the conflict further deteriorates – etw verschlechtern – the relationship between Russia and the US. On top of that, relations between Russia and Europe is also at risk. This could complicate cooperations in the future, for example, on issues of terrorism and arms control – die Rüstungskontrolle.

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