Learn English Quickly

The Business English Intensive Courses with Scott Graham in Leipzig range from beginner to advanced levels. Do you want or have to learn or improve your Business English in a hurry?

An Intensive Business English Course with Scott gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively improve your English language level and delivers results in the shortest possible time.

You will feel more confident using the English language with each passing day and soon be able to talk to other people, deal with a negotiation or explain aspects of a project.


You yourself determine the content and focus of your Intensive Business English course : Would you like to improve your presentation skills or refine your eloquence on the phone? Are there certain strengths that you would like to develop or weaknesses that you want to eliminate? These courses are about you – and only about you. Your wishes are always in the foreground. No matter what you value most, make it the subject of your intensive course. Focusing on your own goals and needs, you do not have to sacrifice precious time or energy working on topics or content that you do not need.

Business Englisch privatunterricht Leipzig
The Business English Crash Course can take place both during the day and in the evening,
so that you can easily fit the the English lessons into your everyday life and schedule.
Do you still have questions about my Business English Intensive courses in Leipzig?
I am more than happy to advise you about any further questions that you may have!
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